To grow crops or plants on the land, you need to make every effort to protect plants from external influences of various kinds. Proper care of the garden allows you to preserve the plants and helps increase the yield. A modern range of pesticides, weeds, and temperatures can completely protect your crop.

It is the dense agro-fabric that provides quality protection against weeds on the land, and the material often serves as insulation for beds and greenhouses. Do not confuse agrotextiles with agro fiber. Agrotextiles are woven materials of a specific type. Agrotextiles looks like a mesh, in such bulk food is usually packed.

Agro textile is a special geosynthetic material that is widely used in agriculture as insulation for greenhouses, open beds, and soil areas of any area. Woven agro textiles help protect the crop from external unpleasant factors, such as hail, direct sunlight, strong winds, weeds, and the destruction of the crop by birds. The material also has every chance to become a great alternative to greenhouse films. Its use as a protective layer gives an excellent result: the fertile is not affected by harmful microorganisms, and the soil moisture level remains at a normal, natural level.

The agro textile woven for mulching of soil in the structure has light-stabilizing additives thanks to which the material does not pass ultraviolet rays and is capable to provide a uniform exchange of moisture, without absorbing moisture. Buy agro-textiles is recommended for the effective carrying out of sowing works, cultivation of a crop in dachas, and homestead plots. By the way, having in the arsenal agro textiles, it is possible to begin sowing works earlier than usual terms, after all the product interferes with the cooling of soil in the period of frosts (to -7 ° C).

What do agro textiles protect against?

Often the material is used instead of a polyethylene cover.

  • Rain, hail, snow.
  • Direct sunlight.
  • Wind.
  • Pest protection.
  • Weeds